About Da Ly

A dreamer at heart. An astute observer. A Peter Pan soul.

I am terribly good at being weird. Yes, terribly.

If being weird was a sport, I could lead a team to compete in the Olympics. That is to say, you may not like me at all the first time we meet, the second time, and even the third time. I totally feel for you *pat on the back*. I’ve lived with me for more than twenty years now, and damn those times were hard.

On my darkest days I used to post on my facebook “If life has fucked me so hard how come I’ve never achieved any orgasm?”, a friend replied “Because we are hard to please.” He’s one of the wisest young men I know.

Isn’t it our everyday problem? We want too many things. We think we’re entitled to happiness. We freak out the moment bad things happen. We blame everything. We think we’re the worst kind of bad luck in the world.

I think it’s just human to feel it once in a while.

But it’s stupid to feel it every day.

Because bad things happen every-fucking-day. Once I made my semi-commitment to this crazy world of Advertising, I’ve accepted that life could be a bitch; you either be a bigger bitch to win, or be an angel to get to heaven. I don’t know if heaven exists, so…

Anyway, here are the thoughts on random rainy afternoons. The weather part is by no means true. But about random thoughts, they are honest. For the most part.

Sit back, and enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “About Da Ly

  1. Hey Da Ly,

    I stumbled on your blog after Googling “Vietnam sexism” for my research on the Vietnamese patriarchy. I loved your book list – especially the ones by Vietnamese authors. I’ve been trying to get my reading up to scratch so I can process novels and poetry so your list is a boon for me since I’ve been wanting to connect more with modern Vietnam. I was born in Australia, still live in Sydney and have never visited. If you don’t mind I’d love to know more about you. I’m 27, work as a writer/marketer with postgrad degrees and recently married. Also love books, nature, cooking, sports. Write to me if you have the time!

    Best wishes,



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