Your name

I guess I know the feeling.

when Taki checked his phone, only to watch Mitsuha’s notes vanishing in front of his eyes.

when he tried to write down her name, but that name just slipped out of his head, completely. Evaporated. Like it’d never existed.

when it all seemed like just a dream.

What if? What if it was just a dream?

what if what I heard, the call, everything, it’d never existed?

What if these words would vanish one day? And the name would slip out of my head, too?

Your name is the dearest sound. My name through your voice is my favorite in the world.

But nothing is real. Not real enough.

I wish I had it written on the palm of my hand.

But no. Just nothing.

It all will be just a dream.

Even your name. The sound of it, will slip out of my lips once in a while. When I can’t help it.

Nothing, but the longing, is real.

Sad, isn’t it?


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