3 words, 8 letters

"3 words, 8 letters, say it, and I'm yours."
"It's pointless, like tears in the rain."

The 8th of March, here it is

Let me tell you a little story

About the little girl with a butter heart,

Been sleeping inside of me.


One day she woke up, petrified

The world she’d known dropped out of sight

“Where’s our Rainbow of Hopes?” she asked

“And where is the Fool’s Paradise?”


“Calm down, my girl, they’re somewhere near.”

Soothe her I did, feeling my own fear

Her tiny hands, I feel the warm touch

Caressing my face, wiping my tears


“I’m sorry dear for sleeping so long

There’s a reason I’ve woken up this time

Only we fathom, the feelings are so strong

When we damn know it can’t be wrong.”


“Let me tell you a little story

About the little boy that came visit me

Pieces of heart hidden in the dark

He carries the weight that you won’t believe.”


“I looked into the hole in his chest

“Where’s the thing that should be beating there?” I asked

“It’s no surprise my life is a mess”

With a wicked smile, he said “Nothing will last.”


“Sit down my friend, sit down with me

Tell me where have you been beyond the sea?

Every place marked with one piece of your heart

Shattered, poisoned, anyhow, show me.”


“So he sat down, by my side, he sat

The boy that carries a broken heart

He opened the bag, showing me the pieces

Each comes with a tale, or blurry images.”


“Last time feeling whole? I don’t recall

All I remember is a constant fall.”

Lamented him, keeping his smirk

“What matters now? Nothing at all.”


“I gathered his heart, piece by piece

Sharp edges hurt my hand, but so be it

Reflected on this fragment of glass

His cold daring set of black eyes.”


“You will be fine, my friend, you will be

It is not so scary, walking through shades of melancholy

Let me tell you, a secret, a spell I was taught

When I traveled through Valley of Fantasy.”


“This can be fixed, with my spell, I promise”

Gathered in my hands, pieces of his heart

Then you can guess, I cast the spell

That ancient one, 3-word, 8-letter, you can tell…”


“It was a flame, aye, a crimson flame

Burning like a phoenix that can’t be tamed

And that’s when it happened, I knew it would

My butter heart melted, for whatever came.”


“3 words, 8 letters, it’s that powerful?”

“Yes, my dear, ever thought it would even work?

Bit of madness, of sorrows, and lustful amour

Our heart melted, my dear, ‘cause of his flaws.”


“Where is he now,” I asked, “the little boy”

“I wish I knew, really,” with no tears of joy

Streaming down her face now, the reflection of grief

“I think I lost my little boy”


“Where is the Fool’s Paradise

And where is our Rainbow of Hopes?

They all disappeared, when we need them the most

3 words, 8 letters, can my heart even revive?”


“Because I’m scared, my dear, I’m scared

And that’s why I’ve woken up

3 words, 8 letters, the spell we were taught

Is it with an L, or is it with an H?”


“Because I’m scared, my dear, I’m scared

Will it ever be really worth it?

The longing, the loss, the bouts of pain

Will they all be tears in the rain?”


Oh my little girl, now she’s sobbing

Her butter heart melting down her chest

Laying down the floor, me and little girl

Drowning deep, silence is our mess


The 8th of March, here it is

Let me tell you a little story

About that spell we’ve all been taught

3 words, 8 letters. And the boy beyond the sea.

March 2017, Da Ly.


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