Thank you 2016

Thank you 2016.

It’s been a ride.

It wasn’t such a ride that includes a full tour around Europe, or conquering Fansipan, or BDSM plays, or marijuana parties, or orgies, etc. The kind of things that I thought would make one hell of a ride.

It was just… there.

It was the year of firsts.

It was the year of, for the first time, everything seems to make sense. *touch wood*

It was the year of tries and failures.

It was the year of crying. And smiling. About things I’d not experienced.

It was the year of nudes… Oh guess I should not mention this haha. But it was fun.

It was the year of conflicting beliefs. Of new knowledge. Of new attitude.

It also was the year I lost Mimi. But as proud as he was, I would move on. Goodbye, Mimi.


2016 was the year of comes and goes. Old people and new people. Some encounters I never thought would happen.


It was not about achievement. I don’t know what to say. 2016 was like, okay, the line is here, let’s start. Slow and careful. Nothing really matters, except for progress.

Life wasn’t easy.

It won’t ever be.


So thank you 2016 for teaching me some lessons. And giving me some joy. Some sorrows. A little this and a little that.


I’m coming, 2017. This time, you better give me lots of orgasms.



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