The Theory of Pens

I believe our decisions define who we are.

And vice versa.

Every little thing we do, every decision we make

Reveals a lot about the self underneath


OK, I’ve been beating about the bush

I’m not even thinking that big

Just that

I’ve tried to analyze things

And come to conclusion that

Maybe, our favorite kind of pen says something about us

But why favorite kind of pen?

Who knows?

Brain works wonder. I just happened to have a pen in my hand.

So here’s, the Theory of Pens.

Who you are through the pens you choose.


  1. Pencils

People like me: commitment issue.

We like things to be temporary.

Not exactly. But “permanently” is a word that may scare us.

We like to write down words that are easy to erase.

We don’t like memories that stick.

We want adventure, but only if it’s safe

If possible, we want the chance to screw it all up and edit or just start over.

But life is not written by pencils.

We can’t erase shits. We live with it.


  1. Ball-point pens

Take-nothing-serious kind of people.

The one that will grab a ball-point pen and write down things.

Comfortable. Humble. Laid-back.

Fast and furious.

In dire need of changes. It’s OK to just throw a ball-point pen away after used up, since it’s so cheap.

We should all have a ball-point pen around. They’d keep our feet on the ground.


  1. Fountain pens

This classic guy/girl is either your classy I-love-art nerdy friend who is so into traditions or weird rituals, or purely just a Nazi you can’t put up with.

Kidding. Everyone has one friend like this. A little old-fashioned. Love art. Have expensive hobby. Strong-willed and overachieved. Strong commitment.


I only know three kinds of pens, so that’s all. Could well be bullshit, but well, it does not hurt to think about life once in a while. I’m feeling so deep now.


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