Dear Noah

Dear Noah,

It is a chaos out here. A bunch of parrots are talking loud. The chicks are flapping their tiny wings while running in circles. The lions are roaring. They are not trying to hunt us down, for the first time in my life, probably because they are in terrible fear just like us. A monkey has just returned from his errand to the tall tree, and  just announced that he saw big dark clouds coming from the far east. We now believe more than ever that God is about to punish us all. The rain is definitely coming. And we are here, outside the giant Ark.

The gate is shut. We’re left outside.

The elephants lying carelessly next to us seem the most patient and calm. Actually, they’re not worried a bit. One of them just told me they have sent the best family onboard – Jumbo and his wife – so that after the flood there will still be elephants on Earth. They are fine with that, and just waiting for God’s anger to come wipe things away. Every species around us has their representatives inside the Ark already. But not us, Noah. Not us.

Here I am, a Gnu, along with my mate. We’re the only wildebeests that have made it to this destination, so that we could save our Gnu family from extinction. But we were a little too late. The gate closed right in front of us, and we couldn’t get in.

Dear Noah,

I figure I should tell you a little about our journey during the last seven days. Normally when the rain season comes, our herd welcome the birth of new-born gnus. Then the rain season is so much different this year, as tragically it comes with death. When we received your message that God is about to abandon most of us, and that you have built a boat to save the last survivors, we were both petrified and grateful. Me and my mate hurriedly started our journey with neighbor zebras and giraffes  – we had seven days to walk across Africa, then swim in the ocean to get to the Ark. Along the way, we saw lions and cheetahs rushing past us, none of them seemed to care about preying anymore. We had been walking for almost two days when I suddenly remembered: no one told the dinosaurs about the disaster yet. Many of them have been mean to us, but still isn’t it unfair to let them die unnoticed? So we bid goodbye to the zebra and giraffe families and went another way. We were trying to find the dinosaurs. I know it sounds stupid, but we could not help it – not caring is just not in our blood, Noah.

We could not wake the dinosaurs up. What a shame. They were sleeping sound, and none of them reacted a bit to our wake up call. So we just wasted a day to walk back to the jungle, find the dinosaurs and then could not even tell them a word. I left them a note. I hope they got it and that would save them, but I haven’t seen them around here. Maybe we are not going to have dinosaurs on Earth after the flood, Noah, and I am genuinely sad thinking about it.


And maybe, we are not going to have wildebeests, either. I can’t get inside the Ark anymore. If only you could open the gate for us. I heard that God commands seven pairs of each kind of clean animal to stay inside the Ark. We are clean animals as God calls us that. We know we should be in there. Just a few minutes late as we tried to save our neighbors, and the world no longer hears about gnus anymore. Just a few minutes late, and you could not do as God wishes. I don’t think that makes sense.

If only you could open the gate, for me and my partner. We need to get in there for the sake of our species, and of the Earth, too.

I know I am late, and I know you did your best to save us. But this isn’t too much to ask. Just open the gate for us. Our zebras and giraffes friends would not stop asking you about us. They love us, we know. We really want to be with them in this moment.

Or else, I’d be waiting out here. When the rain comes, maybe we’ll all get a little too stressed and aggressive. A couple of rhinos and buffalos appear to be very upset already – they just whispered something like using their enormous horns to make a hole in your boat, so that no one would survive. That is such an evil irresponsible plan and I told them to stop. Then I remembered I also have very strong horns. But I am not one of them, Noah. Not when I am still calm and patient.

Could you open the gate for me and my partner now, Noah?



The Blue Wildebeest is a large and Common Herbivore in Africa
The Blue Wildebeest is a large and Common Herbivore in Africa

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