[Da Ly’s list] Glee’s most iconic performances

I was a big fan of Glee (or should I say, Gleek. See, the show was so hot they even had a name its fanbase!), and have always been. Though the story lines have been pretty much messed up, it would be really unfair if we did not recognize Glee as one TV show that did have a huge impact of social view on school bullying and LGBT. I somehow feel that the recent support wave for legalizing LGBT marriage could be attributed a little to Glee. Anyway, the real charm of Glee lies in its music. And here are the list of performances that I think are very typically Glee. They may not be the best, but are what remind me of this show that once was a big part of my life.

This list is in no particular order.

1. Journey’s Don’t stop believing 

Nothing can’t beat this song out of Glee, OK?

Glee has covered Don’t stop believing for, God I really can’t remember. It has become the show’s most iconic song and spirit. I can’t decide which version is the best, but to me the moment Rachel and FInn first melt their voices together is unforgettable.

2. Say a little prayer

The Unholy Trinity is legendary! Each and every of their performances is a bomb of sexiness and awesomeness. Here’s just the first lesson of how to be megastars at highschool.

The first time seeing this, I was like “Wait these girls can sing? Oh shit they’re fan-fucking-tastic! I’m totally hypnotized!”

3. Born this way

In the same episode to tribute Lady Gaga, Bad Romance could have been the most impressive (all those props, who can look the other way really!), but this song is very Glee. Everyone was wearing a shirt saying something they don’t like about themselves singing “I was born this way”, and I think it’s a very creative idea. Ryan Murphy and his writers were THAT good. (I’m again in love with Glee in season 6 though)

4. Girls just wanna have fun

I cried to this performance. I’ve searched covers of this song, and none have left me such feeling. After Cory’s death, I played this song a thousand times.

Rest in peace, Cory.

5. Faithfully

Remember when Emma mocked Will about how he always arranged his numbers in the same way: First, Finn and Rachel sing a ballad, then the whole team sing upbeat songs. Well, Will had a reason to do that: Finn and Rachel rule every duet they’ve ever done together.

Like this one. It’s too beautiful. Just too beautiful.

And need I say, it was the first time Finn ever said “I love you” to Rachel?

6. Cold hearted 

Oh Santana, could you be any hotter?

I sense that Naya was so hot she made girls question their sexuality, so they decided to turn her lesbian.

Just kidding. Of course Brittana is one of the best things ever happened on Glee.

But this performance… God… Did you notice Brody had to sit down towards the end of it? He certainly could not resist something to misbehave.

7. It’s all coming back to me now


This is how eargasm feels like.

8. Teenage Dream

Be Kurt and tell me how you do not fall in love with this guy Blaine.

Oh seriously, every straight girl and gay guy would fall.

The acoustic version where Blaine sings to Kurt before their first break-up is great, too, but I decide to go for something light-hearted.

9. Glad you came

I can’t believe I feel turned on when a bunch of supposedly gay guys wearing private school uniform blazer sing this song.

But I just did.

This is the Warbler I like: very bitchy, very upbeat, very seductive, very … well, Sebastian.

10. Rumor has it/Someone like you

Remember back when this was out, and the mash-up broke the Internet.

The list would make no sense not including this performance of the girls.

11.  Fly/I believe I can fly

OK even I’m not sure Blaine rapping is a good idea but… this mash-up makes the two songs sound so obvious. I’d never listened to Nicki Minaj before and after this I thought “Maybe I’ll give her music a try.” (I did. And it is forever “a try” lolz)

12. To Sir with love

This song shows that even though today they often complain that kids do not respect their teachers, the whole point is that you could always be that teacher all kids love, as long as you really care for them. Kids always need someone to guide them, no matter what they say.

13. We are young

I believe this performance brought “We are young” to light!

I still wish there would be a day I could sing this with a group of friends. It’s so inspiring.


we are young

so let’s set the world on fire

So if by the time the bar closes

and you feel like going down

I’ll carry you home


14. Take me to Church 

I actually enjoy season 6. I would place it right next to season 1. The new members are adorable, and this song…

Oh come on, I would never leave out Take me to church for any reason. I do think that the mixture of choir voices brings more to the song. Of course no one can beat Hozier, but the last verse when Jane starts to sing “Take me to church” in high note, that’s exactly what’s been missing from the original version.


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