Simple and easy ways to kill your dream

Dream, just like love, is one of the most vulnerable things. It takes time to find, but once you find it, how you’re going to achieve it still remains a big question that even God just pretends that He knows the answer (which, I bet, He doesn’t!). In spite of Hollywood movies and countless inspiring stories (with, by the way,  considerably mysterious sources), the percentage of dream haborers that eventually “make it” stays very humble. Most of us grow up picking up some glass balls, putting them  into the bag of “glamours life I want to have”, then drop the bag right at the first time life knocks us over with its ugly face, leaving dreams shattered into pieces.

So if dreams are such arrogant bitches, isn’t it easier to just kill them? Here are simple and easy ways that you could use to kill your dreams, or whatever impractical thoughts that are poisoning your perfect right-on-track life.

  1. Wait for the right time

Dream is so big that you have to wait for the right time, when you’re completely ready, when all the signs from the Universe are telling you to “just do it”, or better, when God just shows up at your bed at night, whispering “It’s time.” Now you’re off to go! Dream is so big, you have to wait for the big time. Or else, don’t do anything. Believe me, waiting for the right time is the most effective way to kill your dream. waiting-time

  1. Blame it on bad luck, or anything, but yourself

So you’ve failed your scholarship? It’s the stupid admins that couldn’t understand your potentials (which are hidden deep deep deep down in your resume). So your works are not welcomed as you wanted, it’s definitely the audience that has no taste in art. So someone’s successful? It’s purely a stroke of luck. Whatever happens in the world comes in the hand of God. It’s not your fault. Well, it could be, but just a little bit. That you were born unlucky, that’s all. Now, sit back and enjoy your dream dying in pain.

  1. Make all decisions based solely on money

If someone offers you a job with better money than your struggling I-don’t-even-know-if-this-works job , who cares anymore about passion, aspiration, ambition, being different, expressing the real self, or who cares how it would betray your dream? Your betrayal could be just good enough for your dream to kill itself. 09.11.2013-TOEIC-b2

  1. Think about the far, far future

Always picture yourself living glamorously in that fancy dream, but never break it down into goals and stages. Never try to tackle down how to get past one phase to another. Such tactics are making your dream alive. I thought you want to kill it?

  1. Give up after the first failed attempt

Dream almost never says Yes after the first try, so chances are that you have to suffer failure again and again (and again!) before you can taste success. Why waste such time? Just give up after the first time and save yourself some little boozing time. Success may not be worth it, because you’re not going to get it anyway. It’s far at the end of the road, and you are here. Does it make sense to sweat while you could just stay still?

  1. And stay away from those insane dreamers

Those are people who can never shut up about how you should make choices and try to make a life of your own. Those are people who started off just like you, but somehow they seem to effortlessly climb up the ladder, and now end up in a place you have always wanted (but you don’t, because of bad luck for sure!). Those are people who have spread the dangerous virus called “inspiration” over to many others around them. Just not to you, because you have been immuned from that. Stay away from those dreamers. They’re either going to lend your dream a hand, or make you want to just kill yourself out of jealousy. im-a-dreamer

  1. Jump the ship, all the time

Your friends have got the best job in Finance, which you know nothing about, but you feel like you need to have it. Then try to have it. Then tomorrow when another friend lands a foot into show business, you should feel bad, too. Next day someone you know just goes on a business trip to Mongolia, you also should think about getting her job. Constantly looking at others’ success and try to follow every of their steps is about the best way to ruin your own path to accomplish what you really want (which you are not sure at the moment, for you have been too busy worrying about others’ achievements).

Now, you’ve tried all of this? Congratulations. May your dream rest in hell.

Da Ly


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