Hey there Advertising, will you marry me?

It’s been a while since I get hooked on Advertising. It’s been an affirming relationship. I really want us to tie the knot. Hey there Advertising, you’re the one I want to spend my life with. So now I’m asking you, will you marry me? Cuz I believe I’m totally the one for you: I was born to be for Advertising. You’ve turned me down some times, but I totally understand it: you were just not ready to take me. But this time, I’m ready to take you, honey.

However, there’s a bunch of things I want to discuss first: you’ve got some weak spots. While I believe you’re the one, I may get cold feet before our wedding – I don’t like some things about you. Just some minor things.

Thing #1You’re too Bollywood for me

You tend to burst into songs too often, and for like, no reason. You think it’s fun (it’s fun sometimes), but it’s lazy and a little scary.

Some TVCs are great with music and dance (like BBDO’s CC Lemon TVC with Phan Anh’s big smile dance), but some TVCs are quite lame. For example, there’s this TVC of a new lemon flavored drink, which is broadcast at gold time every day, including of a group of youngsters dancing like in a flashmob incident. The point is that flashmob is so outdated this year already. Worse off, the filming of the TVC is terrible, the colour looks hideous, the dance looks awkward, and the song is annoying. All of those add up to a cheap looking TVC. Thanks to it, I hate the product already, no matter what.

I love music and I love to dance, but well, you don’t have to go Bollywood in every single TVC. Why not talk more? I guess the marketers just can’t believe people don’t easily buy anything that jumps and makes noise.

Thing #2Seriously, you’re a sucker for advice (which is so not good!)

You tend to believe everything a random guy or girl tells you. You’re in big trouble (a disease, a cold, a heart condition, an important decision,etc), someone comes up and gives you a piece of advice (I used to have your trouble too but then I used this product and now I don’t have it anymore so I’m carrying it everywhere to show it to everyone I know because it’s fucking good. Just BUY it!). Honey, when you’re sick, go to the doctor. You may try what your friends recommend now or then, but it’s just too much when you leave all the decisions to them. It’s awkward. This “good advice” thing happens in almost every TVC for drugs; even my 70-year-old dad who very much believe in TVCs can’t digest them anymore.

Thing #3You’re a serious guy. Much.Too.Serious.

You’re too serious, while Advertising is supposed to be humorous and impressive, you’re often the straight-faced guy who talks plainly about product functions. There are times where you’re adorable, though: The new Kokomi noodle TVC with the happy bowl (aww I love that!), the Fami soya milk with the grandparents’ love story (why the hell is it broadcast so few times???). But still, you’re full of creepily kind people giving advice. Show us more of your funny side!

Thing#4And what I do HATE – You’re sexist. Like, very very sexist.

We’ve discussed this before, honey – I HATE that when you’re being sexist. Even a man thinks that you’re sexist, dear.  In TVCs, women are always depicted as the housewife who stays home and does everything for her family. Believe me, this annoys people. Even women who do stay at home don’t feel proud of that. You want to stick to the traditional side of this country, but it’s the controversial side, and I believe there’s a huge community of young people (your target customers) that are trying to go against that. Well, I obviously don’t have the statistics you often rely on in research, but as a female viewer I am offended by those TVCs. The latest TVC in my blacklist is for detergent Alba (See, I hate it so much I have to directly list its name here!). The insight is good in my opinion, and the copy was well-done (Alba – Give you time), but the way the idea is presented is the problem. A group of women is holding a meeting for women, and they are afraid that their members can’t make it because they are busy with their housework. What the hell is that? Well, Vietnamese women, thanks to stupid traditional prejudice, do lack time for their work because they spend too much time taking care of their homes, but that doesn’t mean you have to depict them as a housewife version of Ngoc Trinh. They look exactly like a group of 1960s American upper-middle class housewives (watch Mad Men for more information). It’s 21st century now, and those women don’t stay home waiting for husbands to give them money. They work. They want their husbands to share the house work (which is reasonable), and they own their life. Instead of showing a group of stay-at-home ladies like that, why not make the TVC with a Wonderwoman who spares time between home and workplace and clubs and be awesome in everything? Because some women are literally Superwomen.

I understand that at heart you’re bright and adorable, and you’re so gonna change. I’m waiting for that. I’ve made my vow, that I’m gonna be with you no matter what, and that when we’re married, we will together work on this, so that you’ll be the awesome sexy  Adverting I love.

Now, will you marry me?

Da Ly


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