[Da Ly’s list] 9 moments in Harry Potter that “I wish I were there!” (Part 2)

For Moment No.6 - No.10, please visit the first part of this post.

No.5 – Harry Potter is alive

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter is dead.  Voldemort is standing right in front of us, moving his super thin lips and breathing in and out of his super flat nose. Hogwart’s just fallen down. Our friends have died protecting this place, yet the evils win, and darkness seems to be what the future holds for us.

Harry Potter is dead. Our only hope to kill Voldemort is lying there, silent. This is truly desperation.

But then, to everyone’s astonishment, Harry opens his eyes and stands up. He is now confronting Voldemort, pointing a wand to his full-of-surprise ugly face. Everyone bursts into laughing and crying. The silver lining has come.

I want to be there, in the crowd. I want to feel that moment when we come from hopeless to hopeful, from rock bottom to Mount Everest. Well, I would not hope my life to give me (literally) heart-breaking moments like that, though.


No.4 – The Anti-Umbridge rebellion

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Admit it, you always wanted to lead a rebellion against your teachers at high school. Not that you don’t like your teachers (maybe you don’t, but some teachers are really great), but it’s just a so cool.

So now in the fifth year at Hogwart, Harry and his friends have to endure this ugly creature called Umbridge, who gives pink clothes a bad name and uses her deathly smile as a destructive weapon. The discipline is tighten, the evil kids you hate become her security dogs that would rat on you and bite you any chance they get.

Then Harry Potter asks you to join his secret Army. It’s like being a part of Illuminati or something! You keep a secret, you give your friends knowing look, or you even exchange telepathic talks. You believe you are about to bring change to this school.

Damn, I want so much to join the Dumbledore Army!


No.3 – Harry comes back to Hogwart

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I literally burst out into tears when I read to that part: when Harry Potter came back to Hogwart after a year wandering around, seeking Hocruxes.  He see his friends in the Dumbledore Army, which means they are still keeping a faith and fighting for freedom. And everyone else sees Harry. He has come back. He’s not in hiding or has never left them. He’s here to save Hogwart.

If someone says their heart doesn’t skip a beat reading that part, I’ll show you a liar.



No.2 – The School Opening Feasts

Every school year at Hogwart starts with a short speech from the headmaster, and then plates just appear out of nowhere. Food and drink are filled in every inch of the table, making the very first foodporn-watching experience for the wizard kids. I read every line in the book that describes these school opening food and try to refrain myself from mouthwatering (I couldn’t!). I don’t know how much parents pay for their kids’ education at Hogwart, but I bet it is a real deal for them: can they expect any other school in Muggle world to feed their kids so delicious and healthy food?


No.1 – The Final Battle

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I love that J.K. Rowling chooses Hogwart as the final battlefield. Now thinking back, it is quite an obvious choice. Of course it has to be Hogwart. After all, the school has become the home for Harry Potter, for Voldemort, and for all students. Everything started at Hogwart, and has to end here.

 Dạ Ly




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