[Dạ Ly’s list] Best songs for a ride

Going long distane is a great thing, but spending hours sitting could be extremely boring, too. While talking is not your cup of tea, and staring at streets is not something you can handle that long time, music is the only escape. Put the music on and it will lure you into thinking the best ideas. Here is a list of songs that have been my best companions.

1. White Trash Beautiful – Everlast

The song is a story about two lovebirds who love each other so much, but the boy is poor and money always gets in the way of romance. The boy in the song has to drive long distance to earn money and doesn’t have much time with his wife (all he could do for money is drive). The song sounds like his thoughts while driving thinking about his wife. You can just ignore the lyrics, maybe, as the music is just perfectly made for a ride mood, seriously. It has wheels in its very core.

  1. Faithfully – Journey

Well this song is definitely perfect for a ride, especially a ride through the night. I don’t know what is about it, but well, it makes me want to elope with the love of my life (who, by the way, has been nowhere to be found!).

  1. Home – Daughtry

“I’m going home

Back to the place where I belong

Where your love has always been enough for me”

I think that’s just enough to put this song into the list – a very emotional song which would put you in the mood to come home sweet home.

  1. Heroes – David Bowie

The song is sometimes referred to as “The tunnel song”. This roots from the movie/book “The perks of being a wallflower”, which features 3 teenagers struggle through their teen crisis by being real good friends. There’s this one time when they drive through the tunnel, and the song Heroes (which they did not know the name at the time) came onto radio, and it was the moment when Sam – the female lead – stretched out her arms, standing to the top of the car as if she was flying through the tunnel. That is one of the most beautiful and inspiring shots I’ve ever seen in a movie. This attributes a lot to the music, of course.

Now whenever I pass a tunnel, I think about the tunnel song, or Heroes.

  1. Cough syrup – Young the Giant

This song just matches perfectly with the torn feelings of a youngster in the crossroad of his life. It’s honest, raw and painful. Yet it’s full of energy. I would also recommend Glee’s cover. Darren Criss nailed the song for me.

  1. Put me in a car – Ryan Gosling

I came across this song like 2 days ago, and what amazed me was not only it’s a really good song, but it is a song from Ryan Gosling. Well in case you need Mr. Google, I’ll make it easier for you to know Ryan Gosling: he’s one of Hollywood sweethearts. He’s a heartrob, often referred to as the perfect boyfriend material or women’s standard of perfection ( and by perfection, it’s not just his look. It’s his talent, his superhero trait and personality as well. Women swoon everywhere for him seriously). I haven’t listened to this song enough to say much about it, but it’s fun and spontanous and kind weird. But I love it and I believe you will, too.


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