Why I love Advertising

One year ago I had no idea there was such kind of career called Advertising. Then an internship pretty much opened the door to a whole new world, where people live and breathe ideas. How could I not know that Advertising is just the right piece to my puzzles, and likewise I was born to be the beef to the Adverburger.

  1. It’s Sexy

Since sexy has become kinda my “thing”, I expect everything in my cup of tea to be sexy, the term which I define as something that turns me on and make me desire so much.


Hence Advertising is sexy.


If you have gone through tons of commercials, there must be at least tens of them that actually make your heart skip a beat. For me I love NIKE commercials, not only because they feature those cute football guys in little shorts (Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, David Luiz, to name a few), but they touch me in the very right place (the commercials, not the guys): Just do it, Be invincible, Risk Everything… You see that advertising, the good ones, doesn’t simply tell people to buy. It tells a story, and everyone loves a good story. It turns our nerves on and inspires us to go for it. That’s pretty much what sexy does, isn’t it?

  1. Artistocratic

Advertising is Artistic. Advertising is Aristocratic.

So, can I just say it’s Artistocratic?

Start it off with Artistic. There are people who label themselves as “artists” for they sing a song or even just feature in half-porn-half-rubbish Youtube clips. But “Artist” is not a label. It’s a lifestyle, a sin that runs along the vein; artists look at the world through a magic lens that other “mundane” people just never get, and experience the world to the edge.  Artists wear hearts on their sleeves, hence they’re vulnerable and easy to get hurt. This makes them the hardest to survive on this planet, I guess.

Advertising, beside showbiz or indie art houses, is just the very right place for these artists to survive. It makes an environment for the creatives to habor dreams of their own. It honors music, art and other art forms as a kind of inspiration. In fact, Advertising is the bridge that links real-business-world with ideal-dreamers-world.

For the Aristocratic part, I just want to simply emphasize on the glamorous lifestyle of Advertising agencies. This I have not experienced, but from what I hear, it’s pretty cool. More on that later, for sure.

  1. Individuality conservation

While I believe that teamwork makes the best results (look at how Germans earned their 4th championship at FIFA World Cup 2014!) individuals are the ones that make a team that good. I hate it in Orient culture, where sometimes community is everything that counts, whereas individuals are simply and intentionally just ignored.

I used to experience moments when people looked at me like a freak. While I personally did not think of myself as special or anything, I was just the one who talked honestly and did not try to fit in the whole picture. Wouldn’t it be a lot better when everyone had the guts to show their own colors? That, for me, came with a price, but it totally worths it.

In Advertising, its people are encouraged to live true to their egos. That’s why Advertising is said to be full of “freaks”. I suppose they’re just more courageous.


  1. “All just fall into places”

This is the most important part.

Why I love Advertising and am dying for a career in this field, I could easily name hundreds of reasons: because I want something creative, or I want to be surrounded by coolest people on Earth, or just because I want to do a job that I don’t have to wear a uniform. All of those things are true, but not enough.

The thing is, I love Advertising because as a piece, it just fits right into my picture – the one that I draw for my own future. In which picture, I know I would die if I had to bury my years in an office dealing with numbers and stuffs. If possibly I would suffer from work, it’d be better to suffer from some job that I truly care about and truly love, a job which I get to improve my knowledge on Marketing and Economics, be creative like an artist, dress well like an elite, buy things for my dearest ones on a satisfying salary, and swim in my kind of sea, rough but with the right water and among kinds of fish that are somewhat like me.

When I find Advertising, everything just falls into places.

Fate has it, I believe.


Dạ Ly





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