[Dạ Ly’s list] Songs that make time stand still

I know I’m not the only one in this world that worships music. If you join me in this religion, I believe there have been songs that stop your heartbeat: you’re doing something, and the music starts, and you just simply stop to listen. Right at that moment, time stands still.

This is my list of “time stopper songs”, in no particular order:

  1. My immortal – Evanescence

I don’t know what’s more magical in this song: Amy’s voice, the raw emotion flows inside the rhythm, or the lyrics. The song pictures in my mind thousands of bubbles flying around, which are all so fragile that if I move, they would break. As fragile as the sound and sould.


  1. Quê nhà – Trần Tiến, Trần Thu Hà

I feel so lucky to have a chance listening to Tran Tien’s music. He’s among the best song writers I’ve ever know (he could be the best, but there’s Trinh Cong Son and I just cannot say anyone is better than Trinh), for his songs are not only very spontanous, playful, inspirational, of free mind, and reflect the very soul of Vietnamese. Every single word and note in this song was written to perfection, no doubt about it.

  1. Last flowers – Radiohead

Radiohead, isn’t that enough about this song? It’s the best song I’ve ever had the honor to know. What I feel about it is just beyond the expression of words I could handle.

  1. Special death – Mirah

I came across this song while watching American Horror Story – The Murder House. There was only a short verse of the song played in the background, but it was impressive enough to make me go through tens of websites to find it. I listen to this when I feel insecure, which is literally most of the time.

  1. Downtown train – Everything but the girl

This is the song featured in the ending of How I met your mother, when Ted Mosby finally met his future wife Tracy McConnell. I’m not so big a fan of the series though, plus I hate how the creators ended the show, but this scene at the downtown train is still epic: very romantic and witty, which worths the wait. I don’t listen to this song this much and consider it a little too soft for my taste, but why this ends up in my list envolves this particular moment: I was walking down the beach this summer, alone, with a camera in the hands; I wanted to take some pictures of the sea, and suddenly the song was on in my ipod. That was just the magic background music for the beautiful scene I was in. Until now I can still feel the moment.

Dạ Ly


2 thoughts on “[Dạ Ly’s list] Songs that make time stand still

  1. bài last flowers được dùng làm nhạc phim Kokuhaku (Confessions). Lúc em nghe bài này trong phim cũng đã cảm thấy rất ám ảnh, nhất là đặt trong mạch phim chậm và tối.


  2. Chị cũng lần đầu nghe bài này qua phim ý >”< kết hợp quá tuyệt vời luôn ^^
    phim Nhật ám ảnh kinh dị T^T


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