Never in my 22 years of life had I looked forward to a book so excitedly as I did before “This is our idea” was delivered to me. Literally. I ordered it on the very first day of its launch, and when the book finally arrived MORE THAN 2 WEEKs later, its presence on my desk was the only good thing of that whole gloomy day-of-rejections. Weeks later, I carried the book around wherever I went, coffee, class, office, just because it felt so good having the book near me, and felt even better showing it to everyone I met with pride, though they may not even care what the hell the book is about. So what’s so good about the book? Why does one even bother buying a book while most of its contents have already been published online and for free? Here are 10 amazing things about “This is our idea” that could help you with the answer:

  1. Short entries

The book is considerably thick, but each entry is quite short, enough for one to read on and feel hungry when it’s over. Of course, the book itself is a collection of blog entries, so this length is pretty understandable. It’s busy time, honey, and people would generally be really thankful if an author can keep it short and smart. Plus, as I say, they feel “hungry” when the short entry ends, which would encourage them to read more. Clever, huh?

  1. It’s funny and completely READAGASM!!! Oh yeah ^^

What more do I need to say? He’s a senior copywriter, which, in another word, just means he’s a wizard playing with words. He knows exactly how to make you burst into laughter and keep on reading. The new slangs made up from the book are precious and super hilarious. Oh please, complimenting a copywriter on his words? It’s like complimenting Voldemort on Dark Magic.

  1. And it’s really filthy =))

I’m not saying much about this. But believe me, you will get a little more dirty-minded after the book. Good dirty-minded ^^

  1. For those who are thinking about breaking into the industry, this book’s gonna bring you up and down!

One clear objective of the book is to bring out to public the industry of Traditional Advertising that they never know. There are thousands of young innocent fresh graduates are dreaming about a career in this field, so hell ya, read this book and you’re gonna see that heaven on Earth for creativity really exists, while at the same time it could be Hell for you. The author clearly loves what he does, and he does say a lot of good things about being in the business. But he also spends like one third of the book to talk about the dark side of it. So brace yourself and test your love and passion.

  1. Full of inspirational quotes and lessons

OK, I’m kinda romantic, I must admit. But who don’t love some very nice saying that you cannot help writing it down your beautiful notebook, or even make a fantastic quote photo for facebook cover because of it? The book, besides, really inspires readers to be closer to their true self, and yet respect others’.


“This is our idea” is just some kind of diary that you would love to put under your pillow and take it out for some nice treats every single day. It’s like, you found someone’s secret diary and it would be really interesting reading about their life, a life you would love to be a part of.

Note: if you have no interest in Marketing/Advertising/Communications and funny little talks in general, all the amazing things I mention above could be invalid.

Da Ly


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