Da Nang – Hue trip journal p1

Danang, day 1

As the plane was approaching the city, Danang appeared below us. “Is it really the city?” Hien questioned; I could sense real disappointment in her voice. I wasn’t sitting beside the window, so I had to stand up and crane my neck to capture the very first image of the city into my eyes. “Oh!” she was right. There was nothing but a dark black zone waiting for us beneath. “What a bummer!” I sighed. That was not what we had expected about the “best place to live in Vietnam”.


But just a few minutes later, Danang sent us her reply. A beautiful scene of lit-up streets and buildings opened up, leaving us in total amusement and surprise. Looked from above, the city is spectacularly sparkle and gorgeous.

Now that I am seeing the city, and for the first time in the past 2 weeks I start to feel this trip is not going to be a mistake, that I’m going to have 5 awesome days. I will not have a chance to get bored with all these beautiful beaches  and amazing local cuisine beckoning.

We were greeted by a friendly but empty airport. There were only a few tourists, which first gave us the impression that the city is quite sad and boring. The taxi driver then told us it’s because of the time we arrived and the fact that the airline we used is expensive, so there was just a handful of visitors like we saw.

What struck me as the biggest surprise (well, I sort of had known about it, but still did not expect much) is the people. They are really really nice. Back home we go everywhere in Hanoi with a sin of being a customer. Here we go with a privilege. People talk easy and the way the talk is way more friendly and sincere than in the North.

The funny cabbie took us to the hotel. He did not even know the way, and we were the ones that searched google maps. But even that could not stop us from liking him. At the hotel, the receptionist was so nice that she easily offered us a cheaper suite. This could hardly happen in Hanoi, for what I know. Holy crap, what the hell with these Danang people? Were them born just that nice, or was it so easy to be lovely in this city?

So we spent the very first night wandering along the beach. We walked with our bare feet on the sand and slowly strolling towards the scary sea at night. We could hear the sea roaring as white waves hit the shore. Under the half-moon light, the sea looked dangerously mesmerizing, and I was madly in love with her. God, could it be a him? I was madly in love with The Sea at my very first sight. At night, under the moon, and I would have loved to get wet for him if it hadn’t been for the insecure feeling. Not a problem though, ’cause we might as well meet the next morning.

We tried the very first local food: Mi Quang. Delicious if you ask me. What’s funny is that we met a fight in the foodstall, and hell, no one really cared. Even in a fight did I not find these people scary at all. Good Lord, I’m struck dumb by their sweet voice and manner.

What is waiting for us the next day then?

Dạ Ly

Next part: FantastiCity


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