Breaking Bad review


I have no clue about the life of an adult. For some reasons most of them look the same to me: busy, mind packed with problems and having all the doubts or disappointment staying right at the tip of their tongue. So I guess life just sweep away all the innocence that ever nurtured inside us, leaving us with bitterness. As a young adult, I don’t feel much different from how I did years ago, when I was a kid, or a teenager: the crave for fun, the dream, the innocence, fear and pain, all stays and are trapped inside a nearly-adult look. Youth is that short, but it somehow is really good at tricking us into thinking it as a whole lifetime. Then at some points in this seem-to-be-endless youth, we would spend a whole lot of empty afternoons, staying alone in the room, just us and the room and the music. For we need some space from the outside, and some time to think.

What are we thinking?

Well, that’s a trick question. We all have that kind of thought when we are young and clueless. We are all wondering who we are. The true self. The very big “I” definition.

So, as a youngster, I am obsessed with the question of finding my own self, which is the thing I constantly look for in every piece of art I ever have the fortune to look at. Songs, paintings, photographs, novels… all full of characters trying to figure out who they are. Some of them failed and some of them succeeded, but very few of them, not to my recollection, ever hit me as hard in the feeling as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman did. Their journey, together and separately, totally rip the heart out of me.

[REVIEW STARTS HERE] Now you may ask: Walter and Jesse who? Dear Breaking Bad non-watchers, you MUST watch it, or else, you have missed the true best masterpiece ever created on TV. I’m not that TV bug who would search for all kinds of shows; by contrast I’m kinda picky. So before watching the show, whenever I heard Breaking Bad internet fanbase chanting “Breaking Bad Breaking Bad” I was like “Stop it now! No show can be that great!”. “9.6/10 on imdb huh? How could people be so obsessed with a fictional show? Maybe I should give it a try.” Then I started off following the journey of Breaking Bad. Just so you know, the show is about Walter White, a school Chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with lung cancer and supposed to live for no longer than six months. Devastated by the fact that his family, including a housewife, a disabled son and a baby girl on the way, would not be able to live without money after his death, he found a way to partner up with his ex-student Jesse Pinkman to become meth dealers (meth or crystal meth is a kind of drug). And this is when all good (or bad, or even evil) things start to happen, then constitute 5 spectacular seasons of the whole series. During the whole series, you will follow the two main characters in their process of “breaking bad”, or I would prefer, revealing who they are. You will find yourself excited inside a steamy meth lab as a true meth cook, then get nervous and anxious anytime the duo meth cooks are about to get caught. There will be times when you definitely enjoy the badass explosion scenes, the gun shooting fights, the “Yeah bitch!” moments of the show. But there will also be all those moments when you fill your eyes with tears. No, you will not cry out loud. There just the pain you feel very deep from the heart, and tears just unoticedly stream down on your face. Those moments will just leave you days of emptiness and sorrows.

So be prepared. The drama is a hardcore type with topless strippers, drug use exposion and very violent crime scene. There will be extremely sad moments (I’m not telling you when, to avoid spoilers. But those moments will stay a while in your heart for certain). It would be hard for you to choose to love, or to hate any character on the show, because Black/White just doesn’t exist – all the main characters are morally ambigious, leading you to a vague land of a gray mixed space of what is right and what is wrong.

Just watch it. And enjoy the pain.


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