Once (Where you belong)


Well this is the lyrics to the song I wrote for Hanoikids.

Not sure how it’s gonna work, but I’m really proud of it ^^

I’ve been thinking about how we are growing up and losing the faith in ourselves and in dreams as we did when we were kids. So Hanoikids (there’s “Kid” in its name already lol) has been a place for members to go “home” and to go back to the “Kid self” they may have forgotten. Like, they are kids again, free and full of desires and passions. That’s the inspiration for my songs.

Enjoy ^^

Where you belong

Lyrics and Music by Abi (Dạ Ly) of Hanoikids

Verse 1:

She used to think she’d always be a loser

And he always told me he’d never

Win the game of fate

I was bored with everyone around

Cuz they seem to never get a joke

They don’t know who I am

Feeling like we’re uninvited to all parties of life



We were there

Once in a while

We’re growing up not knowing what we lost



 The day I got lost in the storm, you’d be there to take me home

Where my heart knows that it belongs

And love don’t cost a thing

And on a beautiful Sunday, a peaceful walk around the lake

That’s the moment my heart got naked

Right before your eyes

You just forced the hero inside me to thrive

You just saved the kid inside me alive.

Verse 2:

The bigger we grow up to, the smaller dreams

We lost the precious gift we used to hold

The imagination

We used to have those dreams about

A better world for all by us heroes

Can we still dream it now?

Feeling like the one in the mirror is totally a stranger



We were there

Where are we now?

We’re growing up not knowing

What we lost until

(Back to chorus)


Everybody got to be strong

It doesn’t matter something’s wrong

Good things’ gonna come to me

Oh I believe

Oh I believe


(Back to chorus)


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