A little this, a little that

Warning: I treasure all of you who read my notes, though this thing you’re about to read is totally a bunch of crappy random thoughts.

It’s kinda weird that while tens of my notes are in Vietnamese, most personal ones are in English :)) just easier to express personal thoughts in a language other than your mother tongue.



I have to say that I hate being a child, and I don’t want to be any of a child anymore. So when some of my friends state that they don’t want to grow up, or that a part of them will always be a kid, it just strikes me as a big surprise “How can these people want to be kids again, and again, and again???”. I mean, get over it baby, big world is out there for us to explore, and yet you still sit here wishing to be a child under the protection of your parents? It’s just time to protect them, not the other way around. I just love the feeling of holding my mom’s hand and taking her across the street, just as much as, or even more than, the warm feeling I had when she held my hand as I was a little child. And I just love the feeling of giving money to my Mom and say, use it Mom, I earned this. Protecting or ones you love, that’s the ultimate happiness. So why wish to be small again?


I wanted so badly to be forever a kid when I was little, a

s I had so many privilleges being the smallest child in the family. That spoiled attitude lasted for years, until one day, my heart sank when for the first time, I noticed how much white hair my beautiful Mom already had. From then on, I’ve wanted to grow up, more than ever.


Funny thing is that we are very easy to be attracted by “adult content”, we talk like we’re something big in this world, but then at some point, when storms come and it’s high time to thrive, we retreat back into our safe zone, saying “I don’t want to grow up, I want to be a kid!”. Oh come on, admit it! Nothing could be further from the truth that we just enjoy adult life (adult life is just awesome, with joys that you cannot even imagine when being a kid :ifyouknowwhatimean:, but we fear responsibilities. “Great power comes great responsibility”, hence it’s kinda insane desiring power, yet hiding from what come along.


So I guess, I’m just trying to share my thoughts on growing up *not intend to preach anything*.


Done with the serious part. I’m obsessed with “sexy” (as a friend of mine, I think you’re no stranger to this haha). What a shame that sexy is frown upon by mortal fakers, yet they secretly endeavour to enjoy sexy in some ways. Just admit it, we feel inspired by sexy. We feel colored by sexy. We feel OK being dirty-minded a little bit, much better than being a fake innocent boring creature. And we are young, and believe me, it’s short. We dont’ have much time to be sexy.

Why am I talking about this, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I just had some dreams *again* on that sexy teacher =)), not because I like him anymore, but because I am in bad need of his documentary now, which keeps me thinking about him all day. And yes, that’s not enough, cuz he’s visited my dreams for the last two nights, in a not-very-innocent-way (I told you, he’s sexy). I blame all of this on being a Taurus, who is believed to  take money and food over anything, and though romantic, flesh and lust is still one of the most obsessive things to us =)). I’m not gonna argue with that, anyway :v


So that’s pretty much about my feelings now. I’m good, knowing absolutely nothing about my future, but my mood is blossoming more than ever. That’s the best ^^


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